A free journalist, Chigusa Katagiri, became interested in a campaign to plant seedlings of an Aogiri (Phoenix-tree) that had survived the Atomic bombing in Hiroshima. The campaign had been spread outside the boundaries of Japan. Through her research Chigusa learned that much of the planting campaign was due to the late Setsuko Tanaka, a woman who worked hard as a storyteller of atomic bombing and the aogiri tree had very special meaning to her. Chigusa became acquainted with Setsuko’s sister, Yoshie, and was given her sister’s diary. The diary held intricate details of the suffering of a woman who had lost her leg from the atomic bombing…

“It was only three days before my wedding and my life was changed forever…”

This film is based on the true life story of Ms. Suzuko Numata, (in the film she is given the name Setsuko Tanaka) an atomic bomb victim with miraculous episodes related to the Aogiri tree. Though she was repeatedly forced into the depths of despair, she eventually made up her mind to live on as an atomic bomb storyteller for peace. She had planted her wishes in her beloved Aogiri tree.

This is a story of an enthralling life path of a woman who had overcome numerous hardships with conviction about life and peace.

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